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Having the best motorcycle tires is very important and should not be taken lightly, not unless you want to put yourself at risk of a life threatening accident!

Everyone has a riding style of their own and as such need the right type of tyres to fit their needs. While some may enjoy long rides and need touring motorcycle tires that are capable of handling the miles that get stacked on, others may be a little more creative when they ride and need a different type of motorcycle tires that will let them go wherever they want. For those riders that crave speed, it is important to remember to buy tires that offer better control at higher speeds and perfect cornering while going through those nail biting twisties, that would otherwise result in a serious accident!

The  team of experts at DSI Tyres are here to simplify the process of  finding the perfect set of premium quality tires to suit your unique needs and  your machine. Offering an extensive collection of premium, but affordable motorcycle tires in Sri Lanka and more than sixty other countries in the world, all DSI Tyres give you a comfort ride with better control at higher speeds, wider ground contact area, smoother cornering, confident wet grip & braking, management of aquaplaning and most importantly, longer tyre life with their innovative tread pattern suitable for higher mileage.

Some of the most popular DSI Tyre models  are –

  • 300 * 17 DISCOVERY
  • 300 * 17 Xtreme
  • 275 * 18 DISCOVERY
  • 300 * 18 R Xtreme
  • 100 / 90 * 17 DISCOVERY
  • 100 / 90 * 17 Xtreme
  • 100 / 90 * 18 DISCOVERY
  • 120 / 80 * 17 DISCOVERY
  • 75*17 MEGA STAR
  • 140 / 60 * 17 DISCOVERY

GEN X Collection

DSI Tyres were the first to release the revolutionary GenX –  designed with an innovative glowing neon strip to enhance the safety of motorcycle riders. Featuring a special tread style that minimizes the risk of skidding and with the ability to avoid aquaplaning in rainy conditions, the GenX has been scientifically tested to enhance road safety. GenX is currently available in 100/90×17 and 300×17 and are renowned as one of the most durable tyre models available!

If you need help deciding when to replace your motorcycle tires or need help finding the right motorcycle tires for you, feel free to contact the team of experts at DSI Tyres  at any point – we’re always ready to help!