Testimonial 1

“My job requires me to travel sometimes up to 50km on my motorbike daily and I would not be able to do that without my dependable tyres from DSI Tyres.

I have never had tyres last as long as these do and I can travel with peace of mind to rural areas knowing that these quality tyres are durable and can take it!”

Henry Rajasingham

Testimonial 2

“I have tried several different tyres over the years, but I haven’t come across anything that matches the quality of DSI Tyres. The new treads on the DSI Tyres provide a smooth ride, ensures braking is effective and the high quality of the tyres means we’re able to use it for longer.”

Rebert Harischandra

Testimonial 3

“I recently bought new tires for my motorcycle I was given excellent advice on the best type of tyres for my bike and the price was extremely affordable, while the quality of the tyres can’t be compared. The delivery speed and communication was also exceptional and I will definitely purchase from DSI Tyres again.”

Dilhan Fernando