Corporate social responsibility

Flood Donations


Low land areas experienced unprecedented flood disasters during the last few years probably due to increased unauthorized constructions and reclamation of marsh lands. Thousands made homeless while several hundred lost their lives in a matter of few hours. In severely affected areas, road access was cut off by landslides for several days with no electricity and drinking water making the situation grave. DSI Tyres felt the need of the hour as thousands were crying for help and as part of ongoing CSR activities an ad hoc campaign was designed to support the flood victims. The campaign selected badly affected districts to donate dry rations and other essentials.
In 2016 & 2017 dry rations were collected, packed and distributed within the disaster Period. Parcels containing essentials such as sugar, tea, milk powder, dhal, rice, salmon, tooth pastes and tooth brushes were distributed to affect Families Island wide, giving them a chance to eat healthily and strive for a better life. Flood donation project has been carried out for several years and will be continued as and when necessity arises