Corporate social responsibility

Projects to protect the planet


The planet earth, where we live in, is the largest of the terrestrial planets and mankind, being the most intelligent of all living beings holds the biggest responsibility of protecting it. However unfortunately the biggest issue facing the world’s environment is over population of humans. Within last 60 years human population has tripled to stand at massive 7.6 billion as of today causing numerous environmental issues such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification, ozone layer depletion, water contamination and deforestation. It is estimated 50% more food is needed by 2050 while climate change is reducing yields by 2% per decade. Human activities are affecting the climate and according to climate scientists it is too late now to undo the damage that climate change has done to the environment. Protecting the place where we live should be the top priority of all responsible humans.

DSI Tyres understands the responsibility of keeping the environment clean and the fact that industrialization has caused the biggest damage to Mother Nature in the last century. As an industry involved with chemicals and non degradable waste materials it is important to take every possible measure to keep the environment unharmed. “Protect the Planet” is our commitment in   keeping our neighborhood clean.

Under “protect the Planet” project a number of steps have been taken to keep the environment clean as follows.


  • Waste Water Treatment

Industrial process waste water as well as waste water from all the canteens are treated through waste water treatment plants before releasing to the environment.

  • Fuel Gas Analysis

In order to minimize the Carbon emission from boilers, periodic fuel gas analysis and fuel adjustments are done.

  • Dust Control

All the dust emission areas are covered by using dust collectors.

  • Sound Pollution Control

Sound proof barriers are erected covering all the sound generating areas. Only sound proof type generators are utilized.

  • Polythene Control

We are in the process of removing current tyre wrapping polythene.

  • Environmental Protection

Environmental protection license (EPL) issued by the Central Environmental Authority has been obtained.

  • Risk Assesment

DSI Tyres has assessed the risk involved in protecting the environment concerned and identified all risky areas and risk mitigation actions have been taken.

  • Fire Protection

Obtained Fire Cover certificate issued by the fire service department.

  • Keeping Standard

In order to facilitate obtaining EPL, air emission test and noise level test were done through ITI.