Corporate social responsibility

DSI Tyres Savibala Sathkaraya – “A Library for School”


Community empowerment should begin with the kindergarten level since well nurtured, well developed childhood is a pre requisite of a complete man and the best place to get access to more children being the school, DSI Tyres looked into the school needs. There is a fierce competition in the education sector with private sector’s involvement getting bigger. While the affluent sector  seek overseas education and better opportunities available at international schools, children with less facilities and financial capabilities tend to either give up education at early stages or continue it in dire situations to end up with   less employable qualifications. Our intention was to explore the best option in order to empower the less privileged children by way of a CSR initiative. Rather than supporting them with educational and extracurricular materials   what is best for them to achieve more-“the book” was our pick.